Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One of the tastiest,healthiest and easiest chicken recipes that i consistently make is thai chicken in basil and chilli. Its got this amazing aroma of basil leaves and as it is organic chicken from gayatri farms,its tender as ever. Just made this one for my daughter who was craving thai food. you can serve this with rice but if you prefer staying away from carbs, why not roll it in lettuce leaves and enjoy. here goes the recipe
.250 gm minced chicken thigh
.5 garlic bulbs and 2 chillies green mashed with pestle and mortar
.2 tblsp fish sauce
.3 tblsp oystersauce
.1 tsp soy sauce
.1/4 tsp castor sugar(optional)
.3 tblsp water or stock
.1 cup fresh basil leaves
.put 2 tblsp oil in a non stick wok and fry garlic and chillies till fragrant
.add the chicken and stir fry till white
.add soy,fish and oyster sauce.
.stir fry 2 minutes
.taste for salt.
.add all the basil leaves. stir fry 1 minute .close gas and serve .

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