Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gazpacho soup in a vitamix blender

hi..came into town with a fab high speed blender called the google it and you will be informed of the million advantages of owning one...this machine takes the raw food craze to another level and you can blend all your juices smoothies etc with fruit and veggies with their skin on and not feel it at i blended the most delicious gazpacho soup in my vitamix at the touch of a button......all you need to do is blend and chill.....this recipe is so delicious that we needed to add nothing to it goes.....
prep time 5 mins...processing 30 secs.....yields 5 cups
.3 cups(720 ml( tomato juice canned or fresh
.1/3 cup red wine vinegar
.1/4 cup olive oil
.3 large red and ripe tomatoes quartered
.1 cucumber peeled and chunked
.1 small onion peeled and quartered
.1 sweet green bell pepper quartered and seeded
.a good dash of hot sauce...tabasco
.salt and pepper to taste
.place all ingredients into vitamix/blender in order listed and secure lid
.turn on and quickly increase speed to highest
.blend 40 secs