Saturday, July 2, 2011



Mutton: 250 gms
Salt: as per taste
Black pepper: half a tea spoon
Green chilies: 7 to 8 (in a fine paste)
Turmeric powder: one fourth teaspoon
Ginger garlic paste: one teaspoon
Yogurt: 2 to 3 tbsp.
Onions: 2 to 3
Oil: as per requirement
Garam masala powder: as per taste
Cilantro leaves: for garnishing
Fried onions and cashews: for garnishing
Marinate mutton with green chili paste, salt, turmeric powder, g.g paste, and yogurt. Sliced onions, black pepper powder, garam masala, oil and pressure cook until mutton becomes tender. After that cook it on low flame for about 10 to 15 mins until the oil in it oozes out(u can see small bubbles).to this mixture add one fourth cup of water and keep it on low flame for abt 2 mins.squeeze lemon on top and mix can garnish it with fried onions,fried cashews,and some cilantro leaves.



diced beef 1kg
chana daal 250 gms or 1 cup
onion 1 med
garlic 3-4 cloves
ginger 1" piece chopped
black pepper corns 4-5
cloves 4-5
dried red whole chilies 8-10
cinnamon 1 stick
salt to taste
for garnishing
coriander 1 bunch finely chopped
mint 1/2 a bunch finely chopped
green chilies 3-4 finely chopped (or to taste)
onion 1 med finely chopped
eggs 3-4
Boil meat with all the khara or sabat masala,ginger garlic & onion.
when meat is tender add chana daal & let it cook until the daal is tender & all the water is evaporated..
set aside & let it cool.
grind the prepared meat in a food processor
add all the chopeed green masala, onion & eggs.
mix well.
make small patties & shallow fry them on medium heat.
enjoy :)


Chappli Kabab

These are traditionally heavy, with a lot of fat content. You can of course adjust according to your preference.. but the taste will differ.

I dont have exact measurements, just approx..

600 gm mince - the best taste is of beef, but mutton will do too
3 tbls ground papaya with skin
2 eggs, loosely scrambled in 3 tbls ghee
1 egg raw
1/2 tsp each of: zeera and dhania powder
1/2 tsp each crushed whole zeera and dhania
1 tbls crushed anardana - dried pomegranate seeds
red chili flakes - as per ur taste, chaplis are quite mirchi walay :)
2 large tomatoes, finely chopped
2 large onions finely chopped
green chilies, fresh mint and ginger - according to taste and preference - finely cut
1 tbsp garlic paste
2 -3 tbls corn flour/normal flour

- scramble the eggs and let them cool a bit
- add all dry spices, raw egg, papaya and flour to the mince and mix really good
- the chopped tomatoes, chilies and mint should be added just before frying, otherwise they will turn soggy and make the kababs break
- so add all spices and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Not longer
- just before frying, add the egg with all the ghee and the rest
- mix in, form large chapplis and fry them in moderate hot oil
- they will burn a bit - because of the tomato

serve with onion rings and all the fat that is usable in the pan..

You can leave out the fat, as I said... thats a personal matter of choice. I serve with it, so that the chapplis stay moist, but we dont eat it.. it just stays in the plate to keep the aroma in.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani

1 kg mutton meat
Garlic-Ginger paste (2tbs)
6 green chilies
Whole Garam Masala
1tsp Nutmeg powder
1tsp Allspice
1/2tsp Mace
200grams of fried onions
500ml yoghurt
2tbsp chili powder
2tsp haldi
3tsb shahi jeera
Harra pata - coriander, mint and parsley
juice from 1 lemin
half cup of raw papaya- shreded
4tsb of refined oil
2tsb of water
1tsp rose water
1tsp kewara
6tsp of saffron- soked in 2tsb of warm milk
6tsb of buffallo milk (can use cows milk)

Mix all the marinate together and leave for around 4-6 hours (overnight would be ideal). Chili and salt as per taste.

1kg meat = 1.5 rice

Boil 1.5 kg of rice. Could half of it upto 40% so if your rice takes 10mins to boil then 40% would be 4mins and the rest at 60% so again using the 10mins as an example cook it for 6mins. All depends on which rice you use and how long it takes to cook.

Put the marinated meat into a pan (clay or tangines are ideal) and put the 40% rice first and then 60% rice. Then pour the milk and then the saffron milk over the rice. Sprinkle some mint leaves.

For DAMM, get some dough and apply it on the edges of the pan and put the lid on. Put a heavey stone or anything on top of the pan.

Because you have added raw papaya that will tenderise the meat. If you have an open log fire which you can use then cook for 45 mins. If you are using a cooker then cook for 1 hour and 20mins. If you have a thin pan then put the pan on the tawa and cook on low flame. InshaAllah your biryani will be perfect. But if you are new to making this then I suggest you cook the rice to one grain i.e. 50% instead of using 2 layers. And as you progress you can use 2 and then 3. I use 3 layers, 40% 60% and 80%. Also remember when Hyderabadi biryani was first made they didn't have vinegar or any meat tenderisers. As Hyderabad is in South of India Papaya is often grown. It is a fantastic tenderiser. You can even use the juice of a raw papaya and pour it over the meat. Never use artificial ones the taste is never the same. Also this can be made with chicken but that is not authentic. For chicken you will need to cook the rice at 50-60% and cook for aroun 40-50mins. Also if you want you can use rose petals which is also used in Hyderabad. Give it a sweety taste.

To go with this you should have either mirchi ka salan or cut tomatoe ( I will upload recipes for that too IA).