Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hats off to Ritu Dalmia and her cookbook "Traveling Diva" for this lovely yet very simple recipe. Sometimes the simplest of dishes land up being awesome.Here goes the recipe!
-- i increased the sauce and added more chili flakes n lemon as i like it v spicy. i also avoided the flour to keep it low carb…This is the third time I'm making this. PLEASE do beat the chicken very thin as it tastes super if you do that.The original recipe calls for breast but i used boneless thigh as i feel its far softer.
Chicken with lime and thyme
.250 g chicken breast flattened with mallet (i used thigh)
.2 tablespoon olive oil
.1 tsp garlic paste
.flour,enough to lightly coat the chicken fillets- i did NOT use flour as it had to be low carb
.a splash of white wine
.1 tsp dried thyme
.1 tablespoon lime juice
.1/4 tsp blk pepper crashed
.a pinch of chili flakes- i used lots more than a pinch
salt to taste
pepper to taste
.Mix the garlic paste with olive oil and season with salt and pepper
.rub chicken with garlic marinade. keep 1/2 hour
.in a shallow non stick pan,heat remaining oil
.Dredge the chicken with flour,that is pat both sides of the chicken with a little flour
.Fry both sides on a med flame till chicken is cooked remove
.In the same pan,melt the butter,add wine,thyme,lime juice,peppercorns and chili flakes and cook on a high flame 2 mins
.season with salt and pepper sand pour it over the chicken and eat right away.
optional-garnish with parsley

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