Friday, April 20, 2012


1.    Lemon Tart


150 gm            Unsalted butter- chilled cut into small dices
75 gm            Icing sugar
Pinch             Salt
240 gm            Flour
1/2 no            Egg
1 no             Yolk
1 tsp            Vanilla

1 no            Egg yolk
1 tsp            water


160 ml                  Lemon juice
2 no            Lemon zest
400 ml            Cream
8 no            Eggs
200 gm            Sugar


  1.  In a pan boil lemon juice sugar and zest
  2.  Pour lemon juice onto cream and eggs
  3.  Check taste for lemon flavour
4.         Pour the mixture into blind baked tart shell and bake at 110 degrees C.
5.         Cooking time is approx 25 minutes; the centre of the tart should still have a slight    wobble, whilst the sides are fully set.
6.     For the tart: Cream the butter and icing sugar lightly, add in the eggs and the vanilla.
7.     Fold in the flour with gentle fingers. Chill for a couple of hours.
8.     Roll out on a floured surface- to 3mm thickness, rest for 20 minutes.
9.     Blind bake with a sheet of butter paper and beans to weigh the tart down- (BLIND BAKING).
10.  Once the tart is half-baked, brush with the yolk mixture and bake for a couple of minutes till the yolk sets and seals the tart.
11.  Proceed as mentioned above.

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