Monday, September 26, 2011


Tiramisu – Italian, ‘’Pick me up”

Ingredients for eight (8) people

• Espresso Coffee
• Ladyfinger Biscotti (Sponge Biscuits - absorbable)
• 4 Eggs
• Mascarpone Cheese – box of 500 grams
• 2 spoons of sugar for each egg
• Cocoa Powder
• Alcohol - Marsala Wine or any liquor (optional)


(1) Break the eggs and separate the white from the yolk in two separate bowls. Beat up the yolks in the bowl and add 2 spoons of sugar for each yolk. Separately, beat up the white of the eggs, till they are soft & fluffy in texture;
(2) Add the mascarpone cheese to the yellow yolk & sugar and mix it up all very well, till it becomes a thick creamy texture.
(3) Add the white of the eggs to the mascarpone, yolk & sugar and mix all very well
(4) Line your Pyrex glass dish with the biscotti which have been dipped in the espresso coffee. Then pour the above mix on top of the layer of biscotti, followed by another layer of biscotti, and then another layer of the mascarpone mix.
(5) Sprinkle cocoa powder all over the dish for decoration and flavour.
(6) Cover it with silver foil or cling film and put in the fridge to set.

Refrigeration time is essential for Tiramisu, as it allows for the flavours to come together. Minimum of three (3) hours is required, for best results, refrigerate for six (6) hours or more. Ideally, make the Tiramisu a day in advance and keep in fridge overnight.

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  1. This should be renamed as a devils food. It's evil enough to hear things like "eat it!!! eat it!!!" sorry going through a rough time not to eat the screen of my laptop. Wonderful recipe! I'll be checking out for more.

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