Thursday, January 26, 2017

snow fish in a truffle butter sauce
2 fillets snow fish washed in lemon juice
.mushrooms thinly sliced
.truffle butter sauce
.1/4 cup stock
.few drops truffle oil
.sautead mushrooms
.truffles mixed in butter and kept to chill.
. 1tsp lemon juice
. marinate fish with lemon juice and little salt
.sear snow fish in olive oil. put in casserole
. bake till almost cooked
.saute mushrooms and add to fish just before it is almost done
. place truffles on top
. drizzle with truffle sauce. serve
for the sauce
.blend the stock,oil and mushrooms
. now heat stock and add chilled truffle butter and whisk. add lemon juice
. taste for salt
.if the sauce is too watery you can thicken with a little flour
. pour on fish and enjoy

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