Monday, April 22, 2013

chicken tetrazine


This dish is a full on meal......great for kids as its tasty and rich to the core...the combination of chicken,spagetti and mushrooms is absolutely fantastic.........I made this yesterday for dinner and the children just LOVED it!!!!!!Here goes the recipe!! for this and many more tried and tested recipes follow   or join the facebook group foodie by nature
Chicken Tetrazine


.225gm onions
.60gm butter
.225 gm spagetti/penne  boiled with salt till al dente
.225 gm mushrooms washed well and sliced
.500 gm sliced cooked chicken
.600ml cheese sauce
.115gm cheddar cheese
1/4 tsp chilli pwdr


.preheat oven 180- deg c
.Make cheese sauce by combining milk with a litle flour ,cream,salt and grated cheddar cheese in a pan. stir till slightly thick. taste for salt
.Cook chicken sliced in a little butter in pan till ready
.boil spagetti or penne with salt till al dente
.saute onions in melted butter.
.add mushrooms and cook till water dries
.add cheese sauce,spaghetti,chicken.
add chilli and toss well. taste for salt
.place in a ovenproof dish.
sprinkle cheese and bake 15 minutes

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