Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chicken balls with teriyaki marinade

Hi...this is a super lovely and soft as butter snack to serve.......absolutely healthy and high protein...... the yakitori sauce may take time but once made,it keeps for months....you could even make the mince and freeze it and if you have last minute guests.......this is the snack to make...learnt this from a lovely japanese restaurant............
enoki chicken balls with yakitori sauce

Enoki restaurant chicken balls in skewers

.wooden skewers soaked in water
.One onion
.1 kg chicken mince(legs and thighs)
.100 grams carrots chopped very fine
.20 grams mushrooms chopped very fine
. 5 grams lemon rind
. one egg white
. 100 ml soya sauce
. 50 ml mirin
. 50 ml sake
. 5 grams black sesame seeds

.Add mushrooms and carrots to mince
.Grate rind . chop and add to mince
.Mix in egg white .Mix with hands.Add soya,mirin,sake and sesame seeds
Press with hands and create a ball.keep
.Steam eight minutes and skewer on to wodden bamboo sticks
.Grill lightly on a non stick grill pan or regular grill with 1/2 tsp oil. Dip in yakitori sauce and serve

Yakitori sauce

.soya sauce-900 ml
.mirin-900 ml
.cooking sake-450 ml
.grain sugar-350 gms
.ginger peeled- 75 gms
.chicken bones-500 gm
.green apple-1
celery-50 gm
.cornflour-20 gm
.take a thick bottomed pan and boil the mirin.when boiling flame it till all alcohol burns off
.mix soya,sugar,sake and add to reduced mirin
.cut the ginger,carrots,apple,celery into 1 inch cubes and throw in sauce
.blanch the chicken bones in boiling water and add to sauce
.cook 1 hour and thicken with cornflour


  1. Very nice food on photos, and recipe is well explained. That's what i like!

  2. You need to write a little more professionally.
    Not so much caps lock. More organized.
    Recipes are good, but the style of writing needs to be improved and made more user friendly.